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Ecosystem Empowerment Fund

The Empowerment Fund by HUUB was launched to supporting BIPOC change makers in community and economic development. Join us in creating a world where every ecosystem builder's efforts are valued and uplifted.

Apply for Empowerment

Ready to make a difference? Apply for the Ecosystem Builder Empowerment Fund and pave the way for positive change!

This fund was created to offset costs to participate in crucial programs, trainings and conferences or used to invest non-dillutive capital in economic development initiatives that are changing our communities across the U.S.

Building a thriving community ecosystem is crucial, yet we know it's no walk in the park. Many people do this work unpaid and dedicate their time and efforts outside of their regular jobs. Our founders have experienced the same struggle and walked that path. Recognizing the challenge and the value of this work especially in communities of color, we're on a mission to ease the financial burden that comes with supporting our entrepreneurial communities.

In order to qualify you must be an ecosystem builder who identifies as BIPOC or a woman. Current scholarship amount is capped at $500.

Getting Started

STEP 01 - Learn about Fund

Unleash your creativity! Consider how the HUUB Ecosystem Builder Empowerment Fund can empower your community-building initiatives.

STEP 02 - Review Requirements

Ensure you meet the criteria! All eligible applicants must identify as a BIPOC ecosystem builder and demonstrate a genuine need for financial support.


Complete the application form! Tell us about your vision, and how the fund can support your journey.


What are the requirements to apply?

You must be an ecosystem builder (working in a community to support entrepreneurship) and have financial need. You must also identify as women or BIPOC.

Can I apply multiple times?

You can only be awarded once per year, but can apply multiple times until awarded.

What is the max grant I can get?

Currently the max scholarship is capped at $500

How long does it take to hear back?

Our award committee aims to approve awards monthly.

Are you only funding recipients in the U.S. 


Who can I reach out to for more questions?

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Can companies apply?

No. This grant is only awarded to individuals.


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