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Intelligent Tools for

Community Navigators

Measure and track your community impact more effectively with tools built by experts in community navigation execution. Spend more time on helping your community, less on boring reports.

Schedule a strategy session.

We know every community is different so let us help you with a complimentary Navigator strategy session to map out how our tool could work with your community.

More impact, less work.

Community navigator programs are a lot of work. They require a lot of personalized support. We've streamlined all the non-human support needs so you can focus more on the things that matter. More meeting 1-on-1 with businesses, less chasing paperwork.


• Learning Library

• Events Calendar

• Partner Directory

• In-App Messaging

• Social Feed

• Site-Wide Translation

• Custom Mobile App


• Spoke/Partner Center

• Zoom Integration

• Technical Assist.


• Technical Assist.

Management (optional)


• Live Dashboards

• Monthly Reports

• SBA Formatted Reports

• Technical Assist. Reports


HUUB's reporting and tracking helps communities save 65% of administration time and relieve 100% frustrations.


Goodbye, painful reporting. Hello, impact.

From demographics to impact, track and measure what matters. See how active your business community is on a simple dashboard. Identify leaders and engage your community in new ways. No need to spend weeks making phone calls to get feedback. Instead, deliver surveys to engaged business owners within the HUUB platform and begin reshaping how spokes, governments and entrepreneurs interact.

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Ready to take the next step? Let's schedule a call to go over what your needs are and see if CO+HUB is a good fit.


One place for your diverse community of entrepreneurs

End the silos. HUUB is your central station for events, up-to-date funding opportunities and relevant workshops to continually improve business owner's skills.

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Ready to take the next step? Let's schedule a call to go over what your needs are and see if CO+HUB is a good fit.


Easy, integrated scheduling

Tired of playing secretary to consultants and entrepreneurs? With our platform, you can easily give your city's entrepreneurs access to local or national consultants to book on their own. Track, report and measure the success of each consulting session monthly and make your current reporting and budgeting nightmares obsolete.

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Ready to take the next step? Let's schedule a call to go over what your needs are and see if CO+HUB is a good fit.


Tactical tools for entrepreneurs, built by entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur learning is different than others. We have taken our decades of knowledge, created them in digital form and made it all available within our managed platform to each and every entrepreneur.

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Ready to take the next step? Let's schedule a call to go over what your needs are and see if CO+HUB is a good fit.




Working with HUUB gives you our HUUB Platform and our training programs to help your navigator program be successful. From successful onboarding strategies to a framework for collaboration between partners. Build strong ecosystems by applying the HUUB training process.

  1. Pre-acceptance
Meet with our team to develop a strategy
HUUB produces details of measurement, reporting framework for your grant application

2 Acceptance

Platform design and implementation begins
Setup platform and begin onboarding Spokes, Hubs, Consultants
HUUB Navigator training runs monthly (supports collaboration and ongoing coalition building)

3 Launch

Launch day - Kick off event
Begin user onboarding
Begin running programs
Monthly platform training sessions virtual and in-person begins (held by spokes)
Monthly reporting delivered and reviews



We have developed a group-discount rate for organizations specifically applying to be a community navigator through the SBA. This pricing is only available to organizations who will onboard as a collective as part of the SBA Community Navigator program and agree to share their knowledge and learnings with other navigators around the nation.

HUUB Platform and Services
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

HUUB Platform Annual License

HUUB annual license includes 2 new webinars added monthly to the learning library and 1 live Advisor Office Hour session per month. Includes live chat support.

Waived Setup fee - Normally $95k




Platform Annual Training (Consulting)

Get your team and all your spokes onto the platform and collaborating. Each organization can bring as many team members to the trainings as they so choose. You will only be charged per Hub or Spoke (Minimum 5). This series of on-demand and live trainings helps your Hubs and Spokes learn how to utilize the tool, manage TA program, engage businesses, do outreach, properly track their work and build a framework for how to collaborate in support of your community. We also give you templates and executable ideas for how to engage your community for the next two years and beyond.

You will have access to these trainings year round to reference and we will hold a refresher every year for new Spokes.

HUUB will run a quarterly meeting for all TA providers to connect, share learnings and address any issues that arise.

Includes a monthly strategy and report session with Hubs.

8k/Hub or Spoke

7k/Hub or Spoke

6k/Hub or Spoke

Technical Assistance Integration (Consulting)

This integration adds a digital tracking and booking system for your technical assistance program. Onboard advisors, track hours, automate bookings and see the reporting on your dashboards in one consistent place. Includes 5 hours of customization.

Waived Integration fee - Normally $25k/yr

Spoke Collaboration Integration (Consulting)

This integration builds a dedicated group and channels for spokes to collaborate and share information. Send out direct messages to all Spokes and stay up to date with what's going on with your Navigator programs.

Waived Integration fee - Normally $25k/yr

Custom Mobile App (Consulting)

Our custom mobile app makes it easy for users to access your HUUB platform content, courses, grant center, advisor portal from their mobile app.

Waived fee - Normally $8k/yr

TOTAL (based off of 5 Spokes/City/Tier)




Technical Assistance Management

(optional add-on)

Don't have time to project manage your TA program? We can support the day-to-day oversight and management of your program, including onboarding advisors, paying advisors and making sure advisors are completing their forms.





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