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Help your city's entrepreneurs thrive.

A one-stop, central hub for your city that brings incubation, education and resources to small businesses. Freeing up your city's resources and helping economic development teams re-envision technical assistance programs.

Tactical On-Demand Courses & Webinars

From COVID recovery sessions to new businesses technical assistance, our managed platform comes with lessons and courses to support business resiliency. New resources added monthly.

Simple, Easy &

Detailed Reporting

HUUB tracks the impact and numbers you need to see. Job creation, forward economic mobility, increased revenue. You name it. All delivered in a digital, comprehensive report monthly.

Peer-To-Peer Support + Community

Your city's small business owners will be connected to each other and to a global network of thousands of entrepreneurs. They'll have access to join self-guided mastermind groups to receive further support.

Community-Management Support

HUUB directly supports economic development teams, too. Community building training provides scripts, tools and research-based best practices for you ecosystem's continued success. Or have us manage it all for you!



50+ COVID-19 recovery webinars for businesses.

Is your city positioned to build resilient businesses?

In this critical time, HUUB is your city's entrepreneur-support partner. We focus on providing the resources business owners need to recover from the COVID pandemic. Know what a business needs and get them to the solutions faster by integrating our HUUB platform.

Less time, more support.

Keep your city competitive.

HUUB platform is all you need to support entrepreneurs and small businesses:


50+ modules in our base learning library to support ongoing learning. New courses added monthly. Want to build your own custom courses for your city's needs? No problem.


Customize forms, surveys and a dashboard to measure impact and compile reports. Get insights on creating a healthier and more successful business ecosystem.


Integrated on-demand virtual meetings and streamlined consultant matching — saving everyone time and money. World-class support whenever entrepreneurs need it.


Peer accountability groups bring entrepreneurs together to build more sustainable businesses. Turn on our peer-groups function to help entrepreneurs connect.


Our community management support team gives your economic development team more time to retain new businesses, recruit new ones and work with large-scale development projects.


Guided onboarding helps your team create a strategy to track and measure what matters post, identify partners and bring them all together effectively.

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Not sure if HUUB is right for your city?


As an independent business owner, it's often hard to know what to do about every aspect of running a successful business. I have been connected to resources and experts who constantly advise me of ways to work smarter.


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Schedule a Demo Today

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